Tristram Hogben
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who I am
I am a 22 year old graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Engineering Design.
what I do
I am a jack-of-more-than-a-few-trades. I have the Mechanical Engineering skills you expect from CMU MechE graduates, but in addition when it comes to computers and all things digital I would also call myself highly skilled. Construction, building and designing things? Count me in! I'm good at discovering and solving practical problems.
how do I do
I do very well, thank you. Seriously however, I have training and experience using the following tools/softwares:

Engineering ApplicationsMATLAB, Minitab, Pro/ENGINEER, ANSYS, ADAMS, VectorWorks, Solidworks, Fluent, Mastercam
Other ApplicationsiWork, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, XCode
Programming Languages (Web)PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL
Programming Languages (App)Objective-C, C, Blitz, Java
MachineryMill, CNC Mill, Drill-Press, Band Saw, Laser-Cutter, FDM Printer

The list gets longer all the time. I really love learning how to use new tools/procedures, and generally do so pretty quickly!
what I'm like
I enjoy puns. But I feel pressured when asked to produce them on the spot, so I am afraid I will have to leave you wanting. In very few words, I have proven to be: creative, thoughtful, productive, a tad timid, persistent (the good kind), and friendly.
what I've done (projects!)
    Buggy is a unique Carnegie Mellon sport. Mechanics like myself design, build, maintain, and run all logistics for these sleek human and gravity powered racers. The vehicles are constructed in part utilizing composite materials.
    where i've worked
    Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC - SG Primary Tech Integration Intern - Summer 2011
    • Developed a software interface to communicate with a robotic (PTZ) camera
    • Prototyped a system to perform automated remote visual inspections of potentially hazardous environments.

    James Gorst Architects - Intern - Summer 2007
    • General office tasks
    • Assist in site inspections
    • Interpreted, edited, and created architectural CAD drawings, ultimately designing a kitchen.
    what about this website
    This website was created by me for me for you.
    The design and code were made entirely by me with the exception of the imported library: JQuery.